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Here for You

A manufacturer with a keen focus on development and quality, we have been in the aroma industry for well over 25 years. Catering to the needs of the flavor and fragrance industry by providing high quality products.

Exclusive focus on R&D has helped us stay ahead and to invent new processes for existing molecules and novel molecules for the existing customers.

Operating out of the industrial growth center in Prakasam district, Prasad Organics focuses on providing aroma ingredients to companies across the globe. Having proven quality of the products we are now market leaders producing volumes with the best quality.

Industrial Training: At Prasad Organics we strongly believe the need to spreading knowledge and have an ongoing program of imparting industrial training to the students. This has helped scores of students to get working knowledge in industrial processes.

Job work: Prasad Organics has equipment and expertise to conduct job work on difficult molecules to help the flavorists and perfumers with their specific requirements.

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